My name is Edivan.

I'm a photographer since 2013. I felt that it was important to share a bit more about myself so that you can understand who I am and what my photography means to me...

About Us

My equipment? My eyes.

girl dancing

Catch a moment forever.

girl in the park

I’m a mix of all things antidisciplinary: a storyteller, designer, nature lover, health care professional and photographer. I’m passionate about creating experiences that bring attention to the mystery, wonder, and beauty of the in-betweens.

Taking an image, freezing an emotion
reveals how rich reality truly is.

I am passionate about quality, so I prefer to give optimised high-resolution digital files to my clients as this optimisation work is the only way to ensure that the photos are of the highest professional quality. Optimisation includes sensor-dust re-touching, adjustment of levels, tone curves, colour balance, saturation, perspective, cropping, selective lightening/darkening, and captioning, so that every optimised file is like a hand-print. Also, I only shoot in RAW file format and convert to JPEGs after optimisation rather than just shooting straight to JPEG in camera. Shooting in RAW gives much greater colour depth and exposure latitude, again ensuring my clients only receive the best quality possible.

I would love for my work to be seen as a celebration of human endeavour, whether concentrating on an individual’s personal sporting pursuits, or the artistry and craft involved in a highly skilled, labour-intensive industry.I shoot in a fast, fluid fashion, creating situations that build believable scenes, whilst encouraging and allowing my subjects the freedom to move, laugh, enjoy and be themselves.

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Much of my photography incorporates people who don’t model professionally, so I allow plenty of opportunities to converse before and during the shoot, putting them at ease in front of the camera. My inclusive and collaborative approach to work produces fun, genuine moments as they unfold. It keeps shoots spontaneous, light and full of energy, and to the best of my ability, will give a very natural, emotive final image.

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