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To us photography is about capturing unforgettable moments and depicting authentic images of our clients.
My love of photography started from a very young age and I worked tirelessly to hone my skills and educate my team.
This led me to officially starting the business with my partner Alicia in June 2021 in our local Enfield area.
Since then, we have learned that no service is ever the same because each client has a different desired vision and outcome.

Here at Falcinelli Photography, we pride ourselves on closely working with our clients to understand and facilitate all their wants and needs.
We offer a range of portrait services, events photography and dedicated business services.

Edivan Falcinelli
We are now blessed to have loyal clients base who can attest to our approach, techniques and professionalism.
They have kindly written their own testimonials about our services on our dedicated testimonial page.

Edivan Falcinelli Managing Director.
Edivan Falcinelli

I'm a photographer since 2013. I felt that it was important to share a bit more about myself so that you can understand who I am and what my photography means to me

I was born in Brazil but grew up in a small town in Italy called Citta' di Castello. It is thanks to the sacrifices of my beloved parents that I completed my university level education.

In 2012, I moved to London. I spent much of my time appreciating my new home through my photography. In each photo I shoot, there is a message and a part of my character. Shooting is easy once there is the right technique but what is not easy is to transmit that message. My photography highlights the the things that I can't say with words. My photos are a reflection of my mood, my feelings and my thoughts.

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Alicia Gafoor Photographer Assistant.
Alicia Gafoor

I am Edivan's business assistant.

I have been working with Edivan for two years. We provide a professional service but we like to ensure that no two services are ever the same. As part of the service, we enjoy meeting with our clients and discussing the finer details and the wants and needs of the clients. My role as his assistant is to liaise with clients to ensure that all requirements are met and I also help with the setup and organization of the photography at each event. I help to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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For any enquires, don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact page, via phone
or simply messaging us on Watsapp logo.
You can then book your service directly online through our online booking form.